Are you ready for La Bella choco-nut craze!

I am so excited for my new chocolate choco-nut range. A doughnut but not a doughnut. I’m quite partial to the odd doughnut, so yes, I had to create an all-chocolate doughnut for all you La Bella chocoholics and followers.

My choco-nut is part of my new fun kids' chocolate range (but definitely not off limits for us adults!). I’ve had lots of fun over the past few months being creative and working hard to bring you all some fun chocolate treats that you can share with someone you love for any special occasion or of course to treat yourself and share with the family.

The name “choco-nut” was the idea of a lovely customer and supporter of La Bella chocolate. Chatting one day in the early stages of my new chocolate range and writing “Oh Cho-nuts, which then developed into choc-nuts until finally “Choco-Nuts" were born.

I’ve stayed true to some La Bella classic and best-selling flavours with my choco-nuts, with gooey caramel, sweet raspberry and yummy chocolate orange.

To launch my new choco-nut range, I have a special offer for a limited time only (free P&P) so do visit my online shop and use code CHOCOFP01 at checkout to make sure you take advantage of my launch offer and indulge yourself or treat the family with a yummy La Bella chocolate treat.

So, I do hope that you all get to try and enjoy my chocolate choco-nuts and hope to bring you some more fab fun chocolatey deliciousness over the next coming weeks.

And remember if you are local to Halton or Widnes, I offer free local pick up or drop off for any of my chocolate gift range.

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If you do have any questions at all about any of my chocolate range or my chocolate therapy for children and young people, please do just send me a message and I will always do my best to help you.

Keep posted xx