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I have worked in secondary and primary schools supporting young people over the years, which has given me the insight into the anxiety that it can trigger in some children!

I have supported children and young people within my counselling practice over the years – but as many of you know, I stepped back for a wee while to concentrate on my own creative adventure building "La Bella Chocolate" reviews - which has been such an amazing and fun time for me, and now being able to link my love of chocolate making with supporting and counselling children and young people is such a pleasure for me to do.

 Over the next few weeks with the run up to the new school year starting – My “Back to School Anxiety" chocolate-therapy programs are open to take appointments.

Offering a relaxed fun creative space to tap into your child's imagination can be such a lovely way of easing those worries, fears and anxious feelings about school. My chocolate-therapy programs will boost confidence to the run up to either going back to school or to help with the transition to starting secondary school.

 We will make fun chocolate treats along with looking at some techniques to help ease those anxious feelings and talk about what anxiety means and help them to start to understand those overwhelming feelings and worries.

ANXIETY is (but not always) a symptom of disconnection, even if this is not the source of the anxiety, the connection with the caregiver most often relieves the anxiety! This is linked to the child's innate drive to "be in attachment" with their caregiver.

Having that healthy attachment means your child feels loved, comforted when distressed and their physical and emotional needs are met.

If a child sense's any disconnect from you, the brain registers this as a "life threatening" event! Children's instincts are primed to watch for signs of disconnect, because their natural survival depends on protection of their caregiver.

Leaving you to go into an unknown environment such as transitioning into secondary school brings on that feeling of disconnect and in turn brings on those anxious feelings.

Obviously, we cannot constantly be in a connected state with our children. So, when we have those small blocks of time to give our children, we can really impact the emotional attachment in these moments to keep their emotional cups full until the next time we connect with them.

Connect Before Separation.

In order for children to feel psychological safety when they are away from us, they have to be able to "Hold" the connection in their mind. Supporting them with a "Goodbye" ritual is a positive way in building a healthy attachment and ease the feelings of separation anxiety.

Make it fun, loving and light, remember children are highly attuned to your anxieties and fears.

"Your calmness is their calmness"

Bedtime talk 

Bedtime is a lovely time to reconnect after busy days. Highlighting positive things that they did in their day. Also, any things they achieved and overcome. Routine and predictability soothes a child's anxious mind.

Quality Time.

Allow your child to take the lead and decide what you are going to do together. This will allow a healthy sense of control. An anxious child often feels out of control.

Laughter is the best medicine 

Kids have a tendency to laugh much better and more often than adults. Laughter and fun can be the best medicine for you and your child. Connect with your inner child more often and your connection with your child will grow stronger.

Please do pass on to anybody that may benefit from a fun creative space and send me a message contact2.cfm and we can talk more about how my chocolate therapy programs might help your child with those anxieties with the transition to secondary school or starting a new school year. Local to Halton, Widnes and Merseyside.