Nurturing creativity with chocolate

When you nurture your child’s imagination, you help to nurture their creativity and find their inner confidence and help them grow as an individual.

Having worked with children and young people for many, many years through my counselling practice and in primary and secondary schools, I have seen the amazing effects that working creatively with kids can have. Being a creative arty soul myself, working creatively in my counselling practice came naturally to me, especially with children.

Finding their true self

Creativity provides opportunities for experimenting, tapping into their amazing imagination and allows freedom of expression. This is turn raises a child’s confidence and self-esteem and helps process difficult emotions and feelings, when words are hard to find. I’m so lucky to be able to work and support children and young people, they teach me so much and are always surprising me.

Working creatively through my chocolate therapy programs and having fun making and tasting chocolate taps into the powerful effects of being creative and a child's mind. It breaks down barriers of being judged and helps young people connect to their inner emotions and feelings and builds their confidence.

Children love the concept of tasting and making chocolate treats and even better that they can take what they have made home with them!

Loving my Chocolate Journey

Working and supporting children and young people through creativity has been my passion for many years. So now to be able to incorporate my love of chocolate with young people within my chocolate therapy sessions, is amazing:

 My two passions in life linked together!


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