Counselling for Children, Young People and Teenagers - Halton and Merseyside

Age 6 - 19 - Covering the areas of Widnes, Halton, St Helens, Warrington and Merseyside


I have worked with children and young people in Halton and Merseyside, for 13 years, both within my private counselling practice and secondary and primary schools. located in Widnes and covering the areas of Halton and Merseyside.

I am passionate about my work with children and young people and find that working creatively can have an amazing impact on a child's mind.

Being an arty creative soul myself I naturally gravitated into working and supporting young people through creative ways on my counselling journey. One that I have grown passionately about. Being drawn to working with young people, I suppose was linked to some of my own childhood experiences.

I believe that our childhood experiences have a huge impact on our own journey into adult life, so if I can hold a safe space for a child to sit along side them to support them through hurt and trauma, to give them hope and enable healing, then my job is done!

I work creatively with children and young people using lots of different creative techniques such as, art, drawing, writing, music, movement relaxation techniques and of course, now being able to bring the fun element of chocolate to my therapy sessions!

Working creatively is such a lovely way to support children, and over the years it has given me the insight into how powerful it can be. It helps break down barriers of being judged, helps them connect to their inner emotions and feelings, when words are hard to find. It can help release anxieties and helps builds confidence.

Contact me on 07757 711056  via whatsapp, or send me a message to arrange an informal chat about how I could support your child.


I offer a calm and safe space, using fun and creative ways to help young people express difficult emotions and feelings helping to foster healing and mental well-being, to build confidence, self esteem and emotional self-awareness.


How I can support your child...

Anxiety, Anger, Low Mood, Grief and Loss, Confidence, Negative Body Image, Identity, Self Harm, Bullying, Peer Pressure, General Direction in Life, Motivation, Family separation, Exam Stress and Focus, School Anxiety and School Transition.

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Chocolate Thereapy!

Working with chocolate in my thearpy session!

I am so happy to be able to incorporate my love of chocolate making within my therapy session with children.

For those of you who don't know, I built La Bella Chocolate  in lockdown. Being forced to step away from my therapy practice when covid hit,j enabled me to slow down a little and tap into my creative little self. Chcolate became my focus!!

I am loving my chocoalte adventure and have built up a lovely little chocoate bussiness with some amazing La Bella followers and chocoholics. My focus now for La Bella is my amazing CHOCOLATE ART -  Yes I know how cool, chocolate art that you can eat. All hand painted by me with yummy chocoalte and every bit edible.

So yes of course I was going to incorporate my love of chocolate making within my counselling therapy sessions with children. A fun creative element to therapy sessions than chocolate! I mean what child doesn't like chocolate!

Learning about and creating chocolate treats within my therapy sessions breaks down barriers to talking about difficult emotions and feelings and builds confidence. Children love the concept of tasting and making chocolate treats and even better that they can take what they have made home with them!

I work with children and young people for lots of different issues such as:

Anxiety, School Anxiety, Anger, Bullying, Confindence, Exam Stress and Focus, Family Seperation, Grief and Loss, Low Mood, Identity, Motivation, Negative Body Image, Peer Pressure, Self Harm, School Transition.

If you know a young person who may benefit from a safe space to explore, connect, and understand more about how they are feeling, send me a message and we can have a informal chat about how I may help.


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A calm and safe space

I offer a calm and safe space, using fun and creative ways to help express some difficult emotions and feelings through playfulness and lots of chocolatey fun, helping to foster healing and mental well-being, to build confidence, self esteem and emotional self-awareness.


Some of my counselling therapy reviews


“My sessions have helped me control my anger. They have also helped me feel happier. My sessions have helped me understand more about myself.”

“My sessions have helped me get away from everything that has been going on. I loved the fact that I could talk about whatever. We didn't just sit and talk, we made chocolate and we did drawing and meditation. Jayne helped me get rid of some horrible thoughts and gave me some methods of how I could cope with them.”

“It is a relaxed space where you can get stuff off your chest and relax. It has been very helpful, and I am now in a much better position from when I started getting sessions. I now feel much better in myself, more relaxed/laid back because of talking and Jayne being recommended to me.”

“On my first day of seeing Jayne I was a bit scared because I didn't know who she was but now I know she is respectful and trustworthy. I have learnt ways to get out of a bad situation and trust myself in ways I have never done before, as I can trust the situation I am in and Jayne is lovely.”

“Before I came to sessions, I was naughty and got into fights. Now I have changed a lot and I have realised about everything. Sessions have had a positive impact on me.”

“My sessions with Jayne have been a safe place to talk to someone about the things on my mind, as I can express myself and my worries, taking away some stress by giving me a new perspective and advice on how to handle difficult situations. It is like a release of my stress and an opportunity to see things from other views, helping me understand home situations and allowing me to understand my problems.”

“At the beginning I felt really bad about myself, I hated everything. As the weeks went on, I started feeling better with the help that Jayne gave to me. It helped me cope with my problems a lot.”

“Jayne has helped me so much, I came feeling unsure of myself and finished being happier - My sessions with Jayne have been amazing. I loved making chocolate and we did lots of different things and it has helped me at home and in school.”

“Jayne and her services came highly recommended to me and my son Ben in the beginning by a friend. We were at a point when help or support was not available for months. Ben was truly struggling with the loss of his father and we were both at breaking point."

“Over the past few years we have returned to Jayne for counselling because of the positive impact the sessions bring to our lives; for example how to deal with grief, support with self-confidence, dealing with relaxation, the transition into high school but to name a few, but most of all the kind friendship and shoulder that Jane offers to Ben in a safe warm environment where he can share his troubles."

“We have found the experience as a family warm, supportive, positive and one that we will not hesitate to return to in future and would also highly recommend to others. Thank you Jayne.”

“Jayne has really helped me with my emotions, she is really friendly and has helped me settle into a new school. It helps because when Jayne does relaxation it calms me down and all my worries go away and it makes me feel more confident about myself and what I do.”

“This room and your voice makes me smile, you are very calming. Everything about you and my sessions with you makes me super happy, because you are the most safest, caring person ever. Thank you.”



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