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I trained as a hypnotherapist around 10 years ago. I wanted to bring and be able to offer something different in the way of helping and supporting people on a deeper level within my therapy practice.

 Little did I know that my hypnotherapy training took me in a totally different direction, one that I wasn't expecting. I seemed to be naturally drawn to using my hypnotherapy training and skills to allow people to heal and release past traumatic experiences, anxiety, grief and working through inner child work.

My healing and release work became a big part of my therapy practice and again has become to be a unique way of supporting people within my practice.

I hold a  calm and safe space to allow you to stop for a wee while, to go deeper within through hypnotherapy to help release and let go of some tough emotions, feelings and experiences that you may have been holding onto for a long time.

Through your journey with me I will guide you through a healing process using my hypnotherapy and counselling skills and experience, where I allow a gentle, healing space to feel release and feel free to move forward with your life in a more positive, happier, calmer frame of mind. Being able to find clarity and find positive direction on your own unique path and journey in life.


Hypnotherapy is an incredibel powerful way to allow access to our subconcious mind. Our subconcious mind is where all of our past experiences are stored, both positive and negative.

Hypnosis is a very natural safe, state. It is that state just inbetween being awake and falling asleep. When we are in the hupnotic state, we have a heightened state of awareness. It is during this time that you can access and tap into the subconcious mind to make positive, lasting changes in your life.  Through my hypnoterapy work I allow you to be able to heal and release negative emotions and experiences to find your inner peace.


Is hypnosis "Mind Controlled"? - Not at all. Under hypnosis you cannot be makde to do anything against your will. Your moral and ethical codes remain intact while under hypnosis.

Can I Be Hypnotised? - Yes! Everyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is a very natural state that we all experience during our day to day lives. Have you ever experienced that drowsy feeling righ as you are falling to sleep? Or arrived at a destintion and not remember any of the journey? If you have experiences any of these to some degree, you have been hypnotised.

Can I Get Stuck in a Hypnotic Trance? - Nope. Hypnosis is a ver ynatural dream like state. During hypnosis, your mind and body are extremely relaxed. You are in control at each point of hypnosis and you can bring yourself out of this relaxed state at any point of the process.

Will Hypnosis Work For Me? - Absolutely! And hypnosis will work more effectively the more willing and open you are to change. So, the question is, are you ready to overcome your current challenges?

Are you ready to break through the mental barriers that are holding you back & find your inner strength and inner peace?

Are you feeling stuck, blocked, disconnected, stressed or anxious?  Are you experiencing bereavement or loss?  Are you struggling with ongoing anxiety which is impacting your daily life? Have you experienced childhood trauma that you have carried for a long time and feeling heavy and tired from these experiences which are still impacting your life and relationships today? Are you feeling stuck with ongoing negative thought patterns and behaviors from any negative life experiences that may be impacting you with behaviours such as OCD? Have you experienced a traumatic event in your life which can bring on panic attacks and PTSD?

Please do send me a message if you feel drawn to my hypnotherapy work and we can have a chat about how my healing and release work can help you move forward in your life feeling free to live the life you deserve.





Childhood Trauma, Negative Life Experiences, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, OCD, PTSD,

Inner Child Work




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