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Chocolate Art. My new chocolate art range coming soon!

My new chocolate art range! I am so excited to be working on my new chocolate art this year - Art that you can eat! A unique gift for lots of special occasions. Birthdays, annivers...  more  

Christmas is getting closer!!

Christmas Choclate Range - Some lovely chocolate treats for everyone to enjoy this Christmas!!  more  

Have some fun with your children this Halloween with some spooky fun chocolate ideas.

What better way to connect and have some fun with your children than with some chocolatey fun! I have put together a few spooky chocolate fun ideas you can make this Halloween! I h...  more  

A doughnut but not a doughnut! An all-chocolate delicious treat.

My new fun chocolate treat. It may look like a doughnut but it's not a doughnut as we know it. An all-chocolate delicious treat that is perfect for a birthday treat or to share wit...  more  

Having fun with your children can help you connect to your inner child

Having fun and being playful can help you connect to your inner child and help heal from any negative unresolved childhood experiences or trauma.  more  

New Chocolate Gift Range at La Bella!

My new chocolate gift range has been prompted by the growth of La Bella, and its evolution as a chocolate business.   more  

Back to school anxiety - chocolate therapy for children and young people

The transition into "BIG" School or starting a new school year, will be here before we know it and for some young ones the transition to secondary school can be a very daunting one...  more  

Easing anxiety in children through chocolate therapy

Everyone, children, and adults alike, experiences anxiety at some point. It is normal to feel worried about a new school, trying something different or moving home, for example.   more  

This is the letter I wish I could write. Love from your teenager.

Reflecting on the sometimes-chaotic rolla-coaster journey of parent-hood and teenager life. This letter portrays a powerful reflection of the inner emotions and thoughts of a teen...  more  

Understanding Chocolate Therapy

Having worked with children and young people for many, many years through my counselling practice and in primary and secondary schools, I have seen the amazing effects that working...  more  

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